Our People

Meet our CEO and Co-Founder Tom Sutton


Tom is a very diverse guy – he even has more than one stock in his retirement portfolio. With an eye on innovative technology, one eye on the bottom line and another proverbial eye on our client’s timelines, we feel incredibly safe. It’s kinda creepy to think of a guy with 3 eyes, so let’s just say he is always watching out for our clients!

Another facet of Tom’s diversity is in the incredible range in client projects – he has managed budgets from $1,500 to $15,000,000 (No Kidding) – What has stayed consistent is his ability to be customer focused from the small projects to the massive projects.

His only downfall is his sickening loyalty to that Chicago Baseball team whose name rhymes with Shlubs.

Meet our CCO and Co-Founder Dave Stepen


Another talented guy who likes to write web content, dream up wicked cool marketing concepts, as well as craft rather long winded emails with insane detail. He is our creative genius and not, in a Mensa kinda way (we wouldn’t want his head to get too big!).

Clients love Dave, because he NEVER SAYS NO – and it’s a problem sometimes. We have sent him to classes, but he still is a client-pleaser. Dave’s wit keeps us all on our toes, and his photoshop skills keeps us all honest too – you never want to tick off the guy who can end your career with one layered photoshop file posted on Facebook!

Dave too suffers from Chicago Cubsitis – and still cries like a school girl when you mention 1984, 1989 or 2003.

Meet our CTO Matt Fleshman

MattFleshman What do you call a guy with 2 arms and 2 legs that wears 12 hats? MATT!! Get it? (Oy Vey, the fun never stops @appdroplet). Matt is the calm, cool, and collected one of the bunch at appdroplet, and since coming aboard has made our nimble company make a HUGE splash into the Mobile and Social mareketplace. Not only does Matt crank out an insane amount of code at a breakneck pace, but he, alongside Tom, have crafted a core framework that we believe to be “Game Changing” in the social space.

His passion, though heavily veiled in calmness, is satiated with large SAT words and abnormal polynomials – we don’t even ask when we see him glaze over at company meetings because we know he is doing mathletics or innovating internally.

Matt is lucky – he has absolutely no love for the Cubs, and laughs at those who do. We also just found out his wife and kids are programmers, and will be talking to our very large HR department about their start dates!