About Us


The second most common question to “what the heck does appdroplet mean man?”

At the risk of over-thinking and wasting precious vertical scrolling browser real estate, we chose the name to convey our core value of expansion and effortless fluid scalability.

We think there is power in a simple single idea, if given the incubation, nurturing and proper media that the success, growth and reach would be as grand as an ocean (or as small as a puddle) depending on your goals. Though there is little money to be made in dropping stones in a puddle, it does have its place in life for an emerging company (or maybe just a toddler who likes to get his/her hands a little wet).

Call it ringlets of influence, social buzz, or just luck – but we’ll take it!

- Tom Sutton, appdroplet CEO & Co-Founder

Our company was founded by 2 friends who said – “WHY do we have to build a company based on a toolset or product offering. Why can’t we just get some of the most talented and creative people together and let a simple droplet of an idea form from there?” We chose this path less traveled and let the rings take us where it may. So our motives were not initially to build the next Apple or IBM – but to put the hot shots we have found over 2 decades in a room with lots of caffeine and an occasional free bagel and see what brainstorming would bring. From there the company evolved. At first just a few simple app concepts – then a few web sites and consulting gigs – viola companies started to hunt us down. How they found out about us is beyond us, as we did NOTHING in the way of advertising.

To date one small brainstorming session brought us dozens of clients, a couple of apps and a fresh perspective on how a company should evolve – naturally, smoothly and without 16 hour workdays (but don’t tell our developers that, they seem to enjoy working like malnourished mako sharks in a pool of blood).